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About Us

Discover Fresh and Unexpected Flavors...

Middlesex County meets Jersey Coast in our tastefully uniquely rustic designed space, as authentic clean ingredients are reinvented for our modern palate.

We invite you to explore an enriched dining experience with chefs’ creative dishes that inspire, and flavors that are grounded in family tradition. Create new memories in this unexpected atmosphere, where our upscale coastal vibe welcomes you to gather, dine and celebrate life in a relaxed or friendly casual way.


For nearly four years, Salt has been a celebrated and rejoiced seafood and oyster bar concept in our home of New Brunswick NJ.

Locals gather, and friends from across the globe dine with us yearly. With a warm inviting atmosphere, personal touches and attentiveness, minimal item menu, small and sharable plates, fresh daily oyster varieties, house made desserts and weekly seasonal features, you will find comfort and dishes to suit every palate. Rooted in authentic clean flavors, using local farm fresh ingredients, Chef’s fresh preparations will transport your senses to the coastlines of shore. Chef Christian is luminary in his field and his passion for awakening the palate with bold, fresh flavors shines through with every bite. Undeniably hip, but approachable, our vibe from staff will prove their knowledge and passion for the industry.   

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